Condo Insurance

Making the decision to buy a condominium is an exciting experience and a solid investment. Insuring a condo, however, tends to be a slightly different experience than finding a policy for your home, apartment, or townhouse. At Reed Street Insurance, we aim to help you understand where your condominium association’s insurance ends, and your personal unit’s begins. Every condo association’s policy requirements are different in regards to what each unit owner is responsible for. Therefore, it is important to review your specific association’s policy and by-laws carefully.

Before buying a condo owner’s insurance policy, you need to consider what alterations and improvements are covered by the association, loss assessment, and personal property protection. At Reed Street Insurance, we will make sure you know exactly what is covered by your association, and also help you figure out what protection you require based on your specific needs. For more information on getting your condo insured, call Reed Street Insurance or get a quote online today!

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