Homeowners Insurance

No two homes or families are exactly the same. At Reed Street, we believe that your home insurance policy should be unique to your home and specific to your needs. We understand that your house is likely one of the biggest assets you will ever invest in, and we are here to help you protect it. We can help protect your home, structures on your land, personal property, personal liability and more.

We are dedicated to helping you find the homeowners insurance policy that meets your financial and coverage needs. Our goal is to find you high quality coverage that leaves little room for surprise so that you can feel at ease. Whether you seek a standard plan to solely protect your home and belongings inside of it, or something a little more complex, our agents are here to help you sort through the nuances of homeowners insurance. Understanding what is and isn’t covered under a home insurance plan such as flood damage and/or jewelry protection can be tricky. To get more information on getting your home covered, call Reed Street Insurance or get a quote online today!

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Condo Insurance

Making the decision to buy a condominium is an exciting experience and a solid investment. Insuring a condo, however, tends to be a slightly different experience than finding a policy for your home, apartment, or townhouse. At Reed Street Insurance, we aim to help you understand where your condominium association’s insurance ends, and your personal unit’s begins. Every condo association’s policy requirements are different in regards to what each unit owner is responsible for. Therefore, it is important to review your specific association’s policy and by-laws carefully.

Before buying a condo owner’s insurance policy, you need to consider what alterations and improvements are covered by the association, loss assessment, and personal property protection. At Reed Street Insurance, we will make sure you know exactly what is covered by your association, and also help you figure out what protection you require based on your specific needs. For more information on getting your condo insured, call Reed Street Insurance or get a quote online today!

Renters Insurance

Make sure that both you and your belongings are protected with renters insurance. Whether you are living in a rented house, condo, townhouse or apartment, our agents at Reed Street can make sure that your renters insurance covers you in the event of a fire, theft, or even in the case of a guest’s injury. Your renters insurance will replace any and all items that are lost in all covered accidents.

While insurance can get expensive, Reed Street representatives will help you find a renters insurance that fits your financial and coverage needs. The small monthly payments will quickly show their value in the event of a tragic accident involving you, your belongings, or guests in your rented home.Our goal is to find you high quality coverage that will prepare you for the unexpected. To get more information on renters insurance policies, call Reed Street Insurance or get a quote online today!

Disaster Strikes! We have you covered…

Dwelling Fire Insurance

Dwelling insurance is a type of policy that covers the structure of your home and the personal property within. It’s similar to homeowner’s insurance, but less comprehensive. Dwelling insurance can be purchased to cover the home you live in, or it can be purchased for homes that you own and don’t need comprehensive coverage on. For example, a rental or vacation property.

Flood Insurance

Reed Street can help you protect your residence or commercial building against flood damage. All types of homes including condos are eligible for flood insurance. You can even purchase flood insurance to protect your contents if you rent your home.

But while most homeowners insurance is set up to get your home and belongings back to their pre-loss states, flood insurance is designed to simply get you back on your feet — it’s not as comprehensive as most homeowners policies.

Flood insurance doesn’t cover basement improvements like walls, floors or ceilings and personal belongings that are kept in the basement. It does usually cover washers and dryers, food freezers and the food inside. Water tanks, oil tanks, furnaces, stairways, unpainted drywall and sheet rock walls and ceilings are generally covered as well.