Hagerty Insurance

Hagerty is a highly specialized insurance leader in covering classic cars and vintage boats. They protect over 735,000 vintage cars, motorcycles and boats, and are bigger than all of their specialty competitors combined.

Classic Car

As industry experts, Hagerty offers the best collector car insurance coverage for less. With an average of 43% lower premiums than daily driver insurance policy, Hagerty cares about giving you the most specialized and smoothest experience. They provide guaranteed value coverage with no depreciation, flexible usage with no fixed mileage restrictions, roadside service benefits, and more.

Vintage Boat

Hagerty is the world leader in providing classic boat insurance. Hagerty offers agreed value if you have a covered total loss, low premiums, club discounts, no fixed usage limits, and more. Another added service that Hagerty provides is boat restoration insurance. In the event of a loss during restoration done by either you or a professional, Hagerty covers fire, theft and vandalism along with overland transportation coverage.


Hagerty Insurance also provides more specified insurance policies including classic truck and SUV, vintage motorcycle, antique tractor, motorsports, and more. To learn more about these policies, go to the Hagerty website or contact a Reed Street representative.