Travelers Business Insurance

The-Travelers-Companies-logoTravelers Insurance is an industry innovator that aims their focus at staying up-to-date with customers’ current and future needs. With over 160 years since its founding, Travelers provides both individuals and businesses the confidence they need to feel secure.


Travelers provides business insurance that is tailored to your specific company. Whether your business is small, mid-sized, or a large corporation, Travelers offers specific coverage plans to fit your needs, no matter how specialized you are. They have claims, underwriting and risk control services that can match your individual compliance and coverage needs.


Travelers offers a wide range of comprehensive coverage options to ensure peace of mind, help mitigate risk, and protect your company. Policies include commercial general liability insurance to cover damages and provide defense, workers compensation insurance to help protect your employees, and property insurance to protect buildings and personal property. These are only a few of the many coverage options available to protect a wide array of industries

To learn more about these policies, go to the Travelers website or contact a Reed Street representative.