Auto Repair Insurance

As an auto service provider, you take pride in what you do. You’re committed to providing your customers—and their cars—with reliable and quality service.

Reed Street Insurance understands this. That’s why we offer ERIE Custom Collection Auto Services Program. This suite of products and services provides auto service providers like you with better protection and peace of mind. The program provides:

  • Extensive protection that’s tailored to the specific risks you face in your line of business.
  • Support from claims and customer service teams that have special training in serving the unique needs of auto service providers.
  • The services of a risk control consultant who has experience helping auto service providers identify and reduce potential risks.
  • Products to customize your protection, including business owners’ property and liability, business interruption, workers’ compensation, commercial auto, business catastrophe liability, and business life solutions.

Your customers count on you. As an auto services provider, you can count on Reed Street Insurance when it comes to protecting the business that means so much to you. Is this what your business needs? Contact Reed Street today to learn more.