Auto or Classic Auto Insurance?

Insurance can reach from the most standard of types to more specific kinds, especially with automobiles. In past blog posts, we’ve talked about standard car insurance and even insurance for businesses automobiles but, there are other types of cars that need to be insured especially if you are a lover of classic automobiles.

Now, you may be wondering what the difference between auto insurance and classic auto insurance is and why they both wouldn’t just fit under one type. Aside from the obvious difference between the two, class auto insurance is for older, antique cars, there is a reason why their are more than one type of insurance for cars. Let’s highlight them.

  1. Value of your car – Classic automobiles are worth more now than they were in the past. If you were to insure your classic under regular auto insurance and damage it, you may not receive what your car is worth currently.
  2. Cost of insurance – What many do not know is that classic auto insurance is actually cheaper than auto insurance. There is a price difference because chances are, classic car owners typically use their cars for specific moments, such as car shows or take them for a spin very rarely.
  3. Qualifications – One huge difference between classic auto insurance and auto insurance are qualifications that owners need to have in order to insure a classic automobile. Your classic automobile must be at least twenty five years old in order to qualify. You as the driver must also have ten years minimum of driving experience as well as proof that you own another car for daily transportation.

Insuring your vehicle, classic or not is crucial because it reduces your chances of paying out of pocket in the event that your car is damaged.

Another important thing to do your research on the different insurance companies that can benefit you and your vehicle the most. Reed Street Insurance Agency offers different insurance carriers that can offer you exactly what you’re looking for with different price points to fit your needs.

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