Five Injury Prone Professions

In a past blog post we’ve talked about workers comp insurance, its benefits and why you need it in the work force. This time around, we want to highlight five different professions with the most work related injuries.

  • Construction Workers – Construction workers are subject to numerous types of danger while on the job. Falling or being hit with falling objects, working in gruesome weather or electrical hazards are some of the reasons why this job is pretty dangerous.
  • Truck Drivers – Being on the road for lengthy amounts of time driving from one place to another can generally cause fatigue amongst truck drivers, which makes falling asleep at the wheel a potential danger to truck drivers.
  • Aircraft Pilots – A large reason why this particular profession can be dangerous and costly is due to human error, weather and  the failure of airline equipment.
  • Roofers – Roofers suffer from extreme injury due to height. Anything from falling from a large distance to chemical exposures and burns are risk that roofers take on.
  • Electrical Power-line Installers – Falling and electrocution are the biggest threats to those who work in this industry.

It is important to remember that workers comp insurance can protect you in numerous ways if you are to ever hurt yourself while on the job. Your profession doesn’t have to be on this small list of dangerous jobs in order to forgo workers comp insurance. Unfortunately, there is always a chance for a work place related injury.

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