Insurance that Restaurants Carry

Last week we discussed specialize insurance programs that we offer to niche businesses here at Reed Street Insurance Agency. This week, we’re going to expand and talk about another type of business that needs to be insured, the restaurant business.

Owning a restaurant is a rather large responsibility to take on that can be filled with unpredictable moments, which is why getting insurance is crucial for anyone running a business. Here are a few types of insurance specifically needed for the restaurant business.

  1. General Liability – There are a variety of mishaps that can happen in a restaurant, all of which can leave the owner liable and subject to suffering loses in the form of money and/or reputation. Having a specialized insurance package for your restaurant can help you financially if you find yourself at fault.
  2. Commercial Property – This type of insurance is to insure that your property will be repaired in the event that some sort of damage takes place to the building that houses your restaurant. This type of insurance covers loses caused by weather, fire, theft and more.
  3. Workers Comp – This insurance is for the employees of the restaurant. The restaurant business is high energy and high stakes. Accidents can happen at any moment and when you’re working in a restaurant environment, there’s a high chance for injury.
  4. Business Auto – If your restaurant has a vehicle for deliveries, it’s proactive to insure the vehicle just in case an accident happens.

In the event that you find yourself in a situation that requires insurance, we want to provide you with cost effective insurance that will best serve you. Contact us for a quote today and be sure to ask us about our referral program!Asics footwear | Nike nike air max paris 1 patch 2017 , Sneakers , Ietp STORE