Restaurants and Holiday Liabilities

If you own, manage, or otherwise work in a restaurant, then you’ve probably been bracing yourself for the holiday season for a while. You’re no stranger to the influx of customers, the holiday parties, special order requests, and staffing changes. Yet you know that every year brings a unique set of challenges.

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned restaurateur or a newcomer to the foodservice industry, you know it’s best to identify things that can cause undesired mishaps. Here at Reed Street Insurance Agency, we understand your desire to keep your patrons and employees happy while avoiding any accidents. We know that this time of year can generate a number of insurance-related situations. To help you fully prepare for the quickly approaching holidays, we’ve created a list of a few holiday liabilities that you can avoid:

  1. Liquor Liability: Most people see the holidays as a time to spend making merry with a few drinks—or more. If a customer has an accident because they had too much to drink at your establishment—or a number of establishments—then you can be held responsible. Make sure you and your staff are up-to-date on liquor liability laws.
  2. Decorations: Whether you like to go all-out or keep things simple with your decorating, be aware of how decorations can become safety hazards. Make sure that your decorations won’t cause injury to your guests. Keep larger decorations (such as Christmas trees) out of high-traffic areas. Don’t set up electric lights too close to the dining areas, and keep centerpieces simple: no sharp edges and no open flames.
  3. Walkways and Exits: Areas that staff and customers are walking through should be kept wide open and free of clutter. Trips and falls are common occurrences in both the kitchen and the restaurant main floor; adding holiday busyness into the mix certainly won’t diminish such accidents. By spacing tables appropriately and keeping the kitchen organized, you can keep both your customers and your staff safe.
  4. Parking: If you live in an area that experiences snow during the winter months, make sure that your parking lot (if you have one) is kept clear during this season. Regularly plowing and salting your lot will keep your customers safe from slipping or getting into an accident caused by snow and ice.

If you know how to avoid certain accidents during the holidays, this season can be a lot less stressful for your restaurant business. One way of protecting your business during this time of year is making sure that your business insurance is current with your needs. Contact us at Reed Street Insurance Agency if you have questions about business insurance for restaurants or would like to update your existing policy.Running Sneakers | Nike Shoes