Tips for Teen Drivers During Winter

For anyone who has driven during the cold, snowy winter months, it can be a hassle. But for teenage drivers who are taking on the winter season for the first time, driving in extreme weather conditions may seem like a daunting task. Reed Street wants teen drivers to feel and be prepared when driving their cars this winter. Here are five tips that will help you feel better prepared once the snow begins to fall.

  1. Improve your visibility conditions – Before getting in your car, making sure the vehicle on the outside is clean is crucial. Taking the extra time to wipe off your window and the hood of your car will make it easier for you to see as you drive.
  2. Wear your seatbelt – This is the first step you should take when
    entering your car. It ensures your safety just in case an accident happens. It is important for the driver and all passengers teendriverto wear their seat belts whenever they are in a car.
  3. Understand the rules of the road – Knowing the rules of the road not only helps you become a better driver but, it protects you and those around you. When driving in extreme weather conditions, such as now, it’s important to drive at a slower pace. Staying home until the conditions change for the better is always a great option, as well.
  4. Avoid distractions – It is important for all drivers to focus on the road while driving, especially new teen drivers. Limiting the number of people in your car, listening to music at loud levels and using your phone while driving should definitely be avoided. It can be a number of mistakes that could cause a driver to lose focus on driving. Safety is important, especially during particular weather conditions.
  5.  Insure your teen driver – This final tip is simple and one of the most effective. Accidents may happen, whether they are in our control or not and it’s always best to protect your driver and car. Reed Street offers a variety of insurance providers who can take care of parents and their teen drivers needs.


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