What Happens Without Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance is a necessity as a driver. It’s always smart to anticipate possible damage to your vehicle, which is why having insurance can be a financial lifesaver just in case something happens to you or your car. There are many reasons why some choose to go without auto insurance and it’s a big gamble to make, which is why we want to inform you on what could happen if you choose to forgo insurance.

  1. It is a requirement. It is a law that most states require for anyone with a car to carry auto insurance. If you are caught without insurance, there are different consequences that you may face which can put stress on you and your wallet. Laws involving auto insurance vary from state to state, which is why it’s important to know the specifics on your state requirements.
  2. Penalties for driving without insurance. Driving without insurance can lead to a long list of penalties including the suspension of your license, receiving traffic tickets and having to pay hefty fines. The price of a fine and the length of a suspended license varies depending on the state.
  3. Financial burdens. If you happen to cause a car accident that results in the injury of yourself or another, without insurance there is a huge price to pay and it will have to come directly from you. If you do not have the money to pay for the baddriverdamages, there is a possibility that you could lose your assets, such as your home or other belongings.
  4. Possible jail time. If your driver’s record is particularly bad, there is a chance that you could face jail time if you are caught without auto insurance. Once again, the length of time varies depending on where you live. You may think skipping auto insurance isn’t a big deal but it’s not worth the risk of receiving jail time especially if your drivers record isn’t squeaky clean.

As you can see, driving without auto insurance is a risk that you shouldn’t take. There are fines and penalties that come along with skipping the insurance process and in the end it won’t be worth it. It is also important to know how your individual state handles driving without insurance. Reed Street Insurance Agency wants to help you find the best insurance carrier for you, making sure that it is a satisfactory carrier within your price range. Get a free quote from us today and begin the process of getting insured.latest Running Sneakers | Nike Releases, Launch Links & Raffles