3 Services Great Business Insurance Policies Offer

The very best business insurance policies offer you more than just a piece of paper outlining what they do and do not cover. They also offer valuable services that benefit your business in a variety of ways. These services should not only take care of you when something goes wrong, but help you avoid it in the first place.

Do you have a great business insurance policy? Find out for sure by thinking about how well it measures up when it comes to the following services.

1. Trusted advice: This is where your insurance agent should shine. Whether it’s quote time, claim time or anytime in between, your insurance agent should be someone you can count on. They should understand your business and its unique risks so they can recommend the right coverage. This matters because the last thing you want is a coverage gap that could put your business at financial risk.

How ERIE measures up: ERIE is represented by independent agents in 12 states and the District of Columbia. Like you, each agent is a local business owner who cares about the community. An ERIE agent will take the time to get to know you and your business so they can recommend the coverages your business really needs to be fully protected.

2. Risk control services: A good business insurance policy doesn’t just help you when bad things happen—it also helps you prevent bad things from happening in the first place. That’s where a risk control consultant comes in. Risk control consultants who work for an insurance company help business owners by evaluating potential hazards and recommending measures to help a customer reduce risks.  Just a few of the ways they do that is by assisting with resources for the development of disaster recovery plans, conducting workplace surveys, providing resources to help a customer become aware of OSHA regulations that impact the business and more.

How ERIE measures up: As a part of many ERIE policies, you have access to a locally based risk control consultant who can evaluate potential risks in your business and recommend measures to help you reduce those risks. ERIE—which was the first insurance carrier to fly a drone to investigate a claim—was the first insurer to outfit commercial risk control consultants with Google Glass. ERIE recently conducted a test program of risk control consultants who used Google Glass during typical business visits.

3. Great claims services: Quick to act, compassionate, knowledgeable—these are all things that you want from your insurance company when it comes time to file a claim. Unfortunately, many people find out too late that their insurer’s claims service is less than stellar after going through a claim. To get an idea of whether your insurer will stand by you, talk to current customers who’ve been through a claim with that company. It’s also a good idea to check out ratings from respected research companies like J.D. Power.

How ERIE measures up: ERIE’s award-winning claims service has a reputation for getting customers back in business fast. That responsiveness is part of the ERIE mission of being Above all in Service®. It also helps that ERIE has claims offices in every state in which it does business, meaning help is never too far from home.

Not entirely convinced your business insurance policy is up to snuff? Then talk to an Erie Insurance agent in your community. He or she can evaluate your current policy and tell you more about the great services you should be getting in addition to great coverage.Sports brands | Men Nike Footwear