Is Your Auto Repair Business Covered?

Over the course of the past few decades, the vehicles that we drive every day have drastically changed, as have our relationships with them. Modern cars are more powerful and capable than their predecessors—and more dangerous. If you work in the auto repair business, you understand the risks that come with repairing today’s vehicles. Although most might think that these risks come from outside factors, you know that the inside of your shop has its own dangers.


Every day, you and your mechanics are exposed to dangerous substances. From antifreeze to antiknock agents, you have to interact with toxic fumes and liquids that can seriously affect your health and performance. You can do your best to follow safety procedures, but you still risk coming into physical contact with something because of a spill or inhaling fumes if your workspace is not well ventilated.


In addition to worrying about the harmful materials emitted by the cars you work on, you also have to be mindful of your shop’s layout and upkeep. If a piece of machinery malfunctions, a car could be damaged and your mechanics could be seriously injured. Even something as simple as keeping the shop floor clean and free of clutter affects your safety: trips and slips can still happen even if you keep a strict organizational system.


Of course, you know all this. As a professional in the automotive repair industry, you recognize all the factors that affect you and your employees and do everything you can to protect your business. Part of that protection is having a good insurance policy. By creating a policy that is unique to your business’s needs, you cover the risks generated by your shop’s environment and increase your safety net. If you would like to talk to someone about your insurance policy for your auto repair business, contact us at Reed Street today.Asics footwear | As part of Jordan Brands unveiling of their Summer 2021 lineup, official images of the the Air Jordan 6 “Barely Rose” (Gold Hoops) , Sciaky