Five Careers That Need Professional Liability Insurance

Professional Liability protects professionals and their businesses in the event that they are sued for negligence while performing their jobs. This type of insurance provides those who are sued with coverage for costs dealing with lawsuits filed against you. There are notable professions that require professional liability insurance and we want to inform you on a few that need this insurance the most.

  1. Attorney – Attorneys run the risk of being sued for malpractice for making costly mistakes, so it is important to have professional liability insurance to protect yourself in the event that you may be sued.
  2. Teacher – Parents and students can bring lawsuits to individual teachers or an entire school for reasons including classroom incidents. These cases can be costly for a teacher who may try to handle paying legal expenses on their own.
  3. Doctor – Doctors are consistently targeted for malpractice for a nuspecialtygalmber of reasons including negligent practices. It is important to be protected when working in the medical field as malpractice can lead to pricy legal expenses.
  4. Therapist – Responsible for being of guidance to their clients and working closely with them, therapists/counselors run the risk of being sued if something were to go wrong in the personal lives of their patients.
  5. Accountant/Brokers – Accountants and Brokers are expected to protect and secure their client’s finances. If something were to go wrong with that, accountants and brokers are most likely the ones to be blamed. Occupations dealing with finances are high stake, it’s important to protect yourself.

Protecting your livelihood against any potential lawsuit can be the difference between keeping your business and losing it. Reed Street representatives can provide you with options for professional liability insurance, no matter the occupation.

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