What is Protected Under Dwelling Fire Insurance?

A house fire can be devastating but what can be even worse is not having the proper insurance to protect yourself, family and home in the event that a fire takes place. Dwelling Fire insurance policy covers the structure of your home and all of the personal property inside of it. Dwelling insurance can be purchased for the home that you live in or another home that you own, which doesn’t need coverage that is completely comprehensive like a rental home or a vacation property. Still not sold on the importance? Let’s go over dwelling fire insurance in more detail.

  • What is a dwelling?

Your home and any other structure that is attached to it, such as a garage. Other portions of your home that you may not consider to be part of your dwelling, like a deck and a front and back porch, may also be considered apart of your dwelling. All of the items inside of attached structures will be protected under the insurance policy.

  • What doesn’t qualify as part of a dwelling?

Anything that isn’t connected to your home is not considered to be apart of your dwelling. That means that in the event of a fire, those portions of your home won’t be protecting under dwelling fire insurance.  A guest house, detached garage and sheds won’t be protected under the insurance. It’s also important to remember that the personal items inside of it won’t be protected either.

  • What insurance companies offer the best dwelling fire insurance? 

Reed Street Insurance Agency works with Progressive Insurance for dwelling fire insurance policies. Together we at Reed Street and the agents of Progressive Insurance want to help you receive quality insurance that  progressiveworks best for your and your wallet.

  • Who is best suited for dwelling fire insurance? 

Dwelling fire insurance can be purchased for a home that you live in or another property that you own by may not spend much time in. Homes that don’t require a comprehensive homeowners plan such as a rental home or vacation property can be suited for dwelling fire insurance.

Are you interested in protecting your home? Contact Reed Street Insurance Agency today for a free quote and more information on Dwelling Fire Insurance.Running sneakers | Nike Shoes